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Coram Life EducationSCARF

The fantastic work we do relies on the dedication of our specialist team, who work hard to keep our programme of resources relevant and up-to-date.

Harriet Gill - Managing Director
Harriet Gill

Harriet Gill

I am the Managing Director of Education and Wellbeing for Coram, responsible for Coram Life Education and Coram Beanstalk's vision for children and young people to develop social and emotional skills for the future.

I am responsible for Coram Life Education and its reach and impact in schools across the UK, working with trustees, central team and local delivery partners to ensure our service to schools is consistent and high-quality. I have been a leader within children and young people's charities for 30 years - previously for Brook Young People's charity and, since 2015, at Coram.

Of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, Take Notice resonates most for me. It's the little things we live in, that can lift our spirits. Whether it's a friendly bus driver, a flower that's managed to grow out of a wall, bird song in the middle of a city, or the kindness of strangers - I try to take notice, to find balance through this.

Jan Forshaw
Jan Forshaw MBE

Jan Forshaw MBE

I am the Head of Education for Coram Life Education. I'm responsible for managing and developing the education services we provide, including their content, strategic direction and evaluation.

I oversee SCARF and its effectiveness in embedding a whole-school approach to children's physical and emotional wellbeing. I look after the systems and processes that ensure the ongoing efficacy and relevance of the services we offer to schools. My earlier career was as a teacher in middle and primary schools, including senior leadership roles.

I have a volunteering role that fulfils many of the 5 ways to wellbeing, enabling me to connect with others in an inspiring outdoor space that provides physical and mental challenges; I feel fortunate to have this as a way of finding balance.

Lisa Handy - RSE Lead
Lisa Handy

Lisa Handy

I am the RSHE Training and Programme Manager for Coram Life Education.

I'm a highly experienced RSE Educator, Trainer, and Consultant. I have over 20 years' experience within the primary and secondary RSE field, having previously worked for Brook, the NHS, the National Children's Bureau, and the Sex Education Forum.

I led the design and implementation of the Relationships Education curriculum within SCARF, and I train teachers to implement the DfE's RSHE statutory requirements, ensuring that these courses, as well as are SCARF materials, are regularly updated and meet Ofsted expectations for Personal Development - including RSHE.

My well-being favourite is trail running, which allows me to be active and mindful at the same time!

Donna Hill - Business Development Manager
Donna Hill

Donna Hill

I am the Head of Education Business Development for Coram Life Education and I support Business development for Coram Beanstalk. I'm responsible for delivering the strategy to reach more schools with our digital resources in the education services of Coram Life Education and related products across the Coram group, helping schools in their role of preparing children for life.

I have been part of the Coram Life Education network for 12 years, previously as an Educator and then Educator manager, and business lead for one of our Delivery partners. Before this, I worked in education, and the private sector in management positions.

Of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, Connect resonates most for me. Feeling close to, and valued by, other people is a fundamental human need and one that contributes to me functioning well in the world.

Justina Horne - Training Manager
Justina Horne

Justina Horne

I am the Training Manager for Coram Life Education. I'm responsible for overseeing the recruitment, training and quality assurance of our educators. I also lead on aspects of programme development, including that of SCARF online. I love that my role allows me to follow and support educators through training and beyond. My early career was as a primary teacher and PSHE lead. I began working for Coram Life Education as an educator in 1999.

Alongside this role, I have, over the years, taken on additional ones including family support worker, teaching assistant and class teacher and volunteer with Riding for the Disabled.

I've recently discovered a love of gardening, especially growing vegetables. This encourages me to be 'mindful' as I weed or potter in the greenhouse. When I volunteer at our local 'Ecohub' share plants and produce with friends and neighbours I 'connect' and 'give to others'. These are my favourite Ways to Wellbeing.

Ally Jones - Business Support Administrator
Ally Jones

Ally Jones

I am the Business Support Administrator. I'm responsible for providing administrative support to the management team and supporting schools and teachers with queries regarding SCARF. I have been with Coram Life Education since January 2022. Before joining Coram, I worked at a women's centre providing front-line support to vulnerable women in my community.

My favourite of the Five Ways of Wellbeing is Keep Learning. Whether it's foraging for wild edibles, taking up a new craft, brewing kombucha, or reading about obscure events in history, I am always looking for new things to learn about the world. I find that devoting my free time to learning new facts and skills gives me a feeling of accomplishment and joy.

In addition to the Coram Life Education central team, we run four branches employing educators and educator managers who reach over 50,000 children per year in 250 schools across London, Essex and East Herts, and Gloucestershire.