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Coram Life EducationSCARF

Justina Horne

Training Manager

I am the Training Manager for Coram Life Education. I'm responsible for overseeing the recruitment, training and quality assurance of our educators. I also lead on aspects of programme development, including that of SCARF online. I love that my role allows me to follow and support educators through training and beyond. My early career was as a primary teacher and PSHE lead. I began working for Coram Life Education as an educator in 1999.

Alongside this role, I have, over the years, taken on additional ones including family support worker, teaching assistant and class teacher and volunteer with Riding for the Disabled.

I've recently discovered a love of gardening, especially growing vegetables. This encourages me to be 'mindful' as I weed or potter in the greenhouse. When I volunteer at our local 'Ecohub' share plants and produce with friends and neighbours I 'connect' and 'give to others'. These are my favourite Ways to Wellbeing.

Justina Horne - Training Manager
Justina Horne