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Coram Life Education is proud to be part of the Coram Group

Being a group is a key strength. We are educators, social workers, researchers, analysts, lawyers, therapists, professionals, volunteers, experts by experience and so much more.

Every one of us is making positive change happen for children today. And by working together, we can tackle the bigger picture and influence the laws, systems and policies which can unlock better chances for children tomorrow.

Every minute of every day children are denied the security, education, love and opportunity which should be theirs by right.

At Coram, the UK’s first and longest serving children’s charity, we never stop making positive change happen. Step by step, child by child, we fight for children’s legal protection today and enable children to gain the skills they need for tomorrow, giving them the chance to shine.

We see ways that the policies and decisions which affect children’s lives could be fairer and more effective. So, inspired by the views and experiences of children themselves, we galvanize professionals to improve the systems which will allow better chances for future generations of children.

But that’s not enough. Our goal is to break the cycle of injustice, through new insights, stronger concerted action, bolder policy and a fundamental shift towards a world in which all children have the best possible chance in life. As the champion for children, we shall not rest until we achieve it.

We are Coram. Creating better chances for children. Now and forever. 

Find out more at: coram.org.uk Twitter: @Coram
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